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Treebag About us

Who we are

Tree Bag is a New York based fashion company, founded by Romanthi Wijesinha, a fashion designer and former model. Our mission is to offer consumers a fashionable and sustainable alternative to leather bags and wallets. Romanthi believes that animals should never be exploited for fashion, so she created a line of cork wallets and handbags. She has always believed in ethical brands that do not use animal products. For this reason she wanted to create a brand that is not only made ethically but is eco-friendly, fashionable, durable and adds value to the world through sustainability.

Our materials

Our bags are made from cork, which is a sustainable alternative to leather. Preserving the environment is one of our core values and beliefs, so we’re committed to sourcing the highest quality materials and ensuring minimal environmental impact. Our bags are eco-friendly, lightweight, durable and hypoallergenic.

Advantages of cork include:

100% vegan/ Natural material/ Half of the weight of animal leather/ Extremely strong/Highly durable/ No PVC/ Non-toxic chemicals/ Hypoallergenic/ Impermeable to liquids and gasses/Fire retardant/Water resistant.

How cork is harvested

Approximately every ten years the outer layer of the bark is stripped off. Cork is harvested on a sustainable basis and stripping the bark does not harm the tree. The tree then forms a new layer of cork and restores its protective barrier. A cork oak tree can be safely harvested up to 20 times during its life cycle. No tree is cut down for this process. The agriculturalists who harvest cork are highly skilled in the art of cutting off the bark without damaging the cambium layer of the tree trunk. Generations of families harvest the same tree in the same location since one tree can live up to 300 years. This is also a vital source of income to thousands of family farmers.

Cork properties and its worldwide use

The bark of the cork oak tree has a unique honeycomb structure, which makes cork waterproof and airtight. This unique structure gives cork properties that make it sustainable and an effective alternative to leather products.For example cork is very light, fireproof and resistant to abrasion. Cork is flexible and impermeable to liquids and gasses. And it is also hypoallergenic. Cork oak landscapes play a key role in ecological processes such as soil conservation and water retention. These landscapes absorb carbon dioxide which reduces harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. A harvested cork oak tree absorbs up to five times more carbon dioxide than non-harvested trees.

Giving back to nature

With the constant threat of global warming, we need to ensure a healthier life for our future generation. For this reason, we plant a tree for every product sold.